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Group programs  

For neurodivergent parents and families raising neurodivergent children.

Find safe community and navigate daily life with more ease, using practical strategies that respect differences in brain wiring.

Create Vitality offers group programs delivered live and online for neurodivergent parents and families raising a neurodivergent child.

Group programs focus on sharing the foundations of wellbeing for neurodivergent people and support to create practical and simple strategies that can be adapted to honour the individual needs of parents and family members so that families can find relief from exhaustion and overload and have more ease in daily living.


Waitlist is now open for the next program starting May 2024 for neurodivergent parents ;


'Understanding Me'

Feel nourished and supported in this 12 week foundations program for parents who have received an autism, ADHD or otherwise neurodivergent diagnosis later in life. 

I am delighted to announce that the waitlist for the next group program starting in May 2024 is now open.

If you are a recently diagnosed autistic, ADHD or otherwise neurodivergent parent and would like support to: 

  • Find relief from sensory overload and create environments that promote wellbeing;
  • Break free from exhaustion with tailor made energy management strategies;
  • Strengthen emotional awareness and create personalised regulation tools;
  • Clarify executive function strengths and challenges so that you can create personalised systems to help you get stuff done;
  • Build confidence to advocate for what matters to you and your family
  • Create safe community and support;

You are most welcome to join the waitlist by emailing: [email protected] and Rachel will get in touch¬†with more information.

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