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Demands are often bigger than we realise.

Mar 26, 2024

I was chatting to folks in the Parent Relief Hub yesterday about how quick people can be to blame and shame themselves (or how quick others might be to blame and shame) when it feels like they are not making progress.

If you have an experience like that too, offering a gentle reminder that this likely a reflection of demands and expectations of tasks, activities and environments not being a good match for someone resources or needs and NOT a reflection that they suck or should just 'try harder'.

Also encouraging folks to consider that the demands and expectations of many 'everyday' tasks, activities, transitions and environment are often bigger than we realise.

The picture in this post is often lauded and applauded as courage and strength however to me it just looks like pushing sh#t up hill - it's not sustainable and is a recipe for burnout - and I feel like this picture captures how many neurodivergent families feel on daily basis.

You deserve systems and strategies that are tailored to your needs. You deserve access to the resources you need to move through your day with more ease.